Commitment to Sustainability Drives Rapid Change at ISL

ISL Engineering and Land Services (ISL) roared into 2010 like a lion. In January of this year, the organization partnered with The Natural Step Canada to complete an organizational readiness assessment and develop a draft vision for a ‘Sustainable ISL’. This was coupled with the development of a road map to engage internal and external stakeholders to develop and implement strategies to reach the vision. Three months later, the work is complete and tentative targets have been set. This rapid action is driven by a corporate desire to take a leadership role in sustainability and enable clients of ISL to take significant steps toward sustainability.
The Natural Step Canada advisors Pong Leung and Sarah Brooks were brought on board to help the organization build in-house ‘sustainability capacity’ and facilitate the development of the vision and roadmap. In early January, 43 senior-level decision-makers, including the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and Chief Operating Officer, took part in a 2-day workshop that focused on: building a shared understanding of sustainability among participants, articulating strategic objectives that describe a ‘sustainable ISL,’ and accumulating information important for building a road map.
“We covered a lot of ground and set a course for continued success along our sustainability journey” explained President and CEO Rodney Peacock in reference to the workshop. “As we noted during the wrap up [of the workshop], we have built up considerable steam and are charged with keeping the momentum going.”
Information accumulated over the two-day session was used to draft a sustainability roadmap, outlining suggested steps to be taken by ISL over the next 24 months. This was based on workshop output, best practices in sustainability planning, and informed by The Natural Step Framework.
“With this roadmap the organization will have a process for operationalizing their corporate level commitment to sustainability,” said Sarah.
“ISL’s commitment to sustainability will be formalized externally by visibly integrating our sustainability journey into our brand,” says Terry Myles, Senior Urban Designer and Sustainability Coordinator at ISL. “Our client research tells us clients care about sustainability innovation in their projects and see value in looking at current practices with sustainability in mind.  By sharing our place on the journey with clients and partners, we hope to create an environment of inclusiveness and innovation—one where learning and practices are shared, and new ideas are always considered.”
In March, ISL launched its sustainability thrust. Nearly all 260 employees completed The Natural Step’s Sustainability 101 eLearning course and attended a half-day workshop focused on The Natural Step Framework and ISL’s sustainability road map. The event included an opportunity for all staff to provide feedback and explore their role in the process.
Looking forward, ISL plans continued engagement with The Natural Step Canada in the second phase of its sustainability journey. The organization will be building localized strategies to integrate sustainable practices, informed by The Natural Step sustainability principles, at the both the operational and service-sector level. The Natural Step Canada congratulates ISL on its commitment and progress to date. Watch our website for more developments from ISL!

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