Low fat carbon in the South of New Zealand

Serra Natural Foods is a New Zealand based manufacturer of organic dairy products with an established presence across New Zealand and Australia and a growing market share in Canada and the United States. The company has found great value in using The Natural Step Framework to guide its brand image and business strategy.

“Consumers today are very sophisticated and discern subtle messages about brands in all manner of ways” says CEO Jim Small. Because health and sustainability are important aspects of the brand personality, it is essential that our company acts in a way that is consistent with that brand image.  Even when times are tough and there are less resources to invest in new programmes, The Natural Step awareness persists in keeping the business facing in the right direction.”

Serra has recently re-engineered its domestic sales and distribution system in New Zealand in order to make it more efficient and effective.  Internationally, the focus of its export sales has turned to frozen yoghurt, which is easier to transport via lower-carbon sea freight than fresh yoghurt. The company now also includes its carbon emissions data on its profit and loss statements so that it is directly linked to performance measurements.

More information on Serra Natural Foods and their journey as a New Zealand Pathfinder organisation can be found here.

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